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New Ways to Manage Your Data in ChatGPT

New Ways to Manage Your Data in ChatGPT

The ability to turn off chat history is NOW available in ChatGPT. When chat history is disabled, chats initiated will not be used to train and improve models and will not appear in the history sidebar. These controls, which will be available to all users starting today, can be found in ChatGPT's settings and can be changed at any time. It is hoped that this will provide an easier way to manage your data than the current deactivation process. When chat history is deactivated, new conversations will be retained for 30 days and will only be reviewed when necessary to track misuse before being permanently deleted.

Also in the works is a new ChatGPT Business subscription for professionals who need more control over their data and businesses that want to manage their end users. ChatGPT Business will follow the API's data usage policies, which means that end users' data will not be used to train models by default. ChatGPT Business is planned to be available in the coming months.

Finally, a new Export option in the settings makes it much easier to export your ChatGPT data and understand what information ChatGPT stores. You will receive a file with your conversations and all other relevant data by email.

OpenAI collects and stores users' data, but anonymizes this data after a certain period of time and ensures privacy by removing personal information. Furthermore, this data is often used to support training and development of the model.

OpenAI cares about user privacy and continuously reviews and improves its privacy policies and data security measures. If you need more information on this topic, you can review OpenAI's official privacy policies. It is important that you are always careful and do not share your personal information. Avoid sharing your private and sensitive information.

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