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Google New Policy

Google New Policy

A policy called Limited Ad Serving has been created. This policy will both reduce the risk of fraud and help prevent confusing and misleading ads. In line with this policy, we will introduce an advertiser recognition period for less familiar advertisers. During this period, impressions for these advertisers' ads may be limited. Initially, this policy will apply to advertisers who target specific brands with their ad campaigns. For example, this policy will apply where the relationship between an advertiser and the brand it refers to in its advertisement is unclear. The aim is to ensure that users have a clear understanding of who they are dealing with, especially when interacting with such ads.

New Policy to Guide Advertisers and Help Advertisers Build User Trust

This policy will help us make sure that new and bona fide advertisers earn users' trust before gaining full access with their campaigns. The policy will also serve as an additional tool to help limit the reach of malicious users. Advertisers who are significantly impacted by this policy will be notified and offered guidance on how to become an appropriate advertiser. As with any new approach, we will start with a small group and gradually expand the scope of implementation.

Advertisers will also be offered simple tips that they can implement in their campaigns to create clear ads. For example, advertisers, especially those representing a brand that is not widely recognized online, may be advised to anchor their domain name in the ad headline.

Suppose a user wants to book their next trip and is looking for flights to San Francisco on their favorite airline. Under the new approach, this searcher will most likely see ads from advertisers such as the airline, competing airlines, hotels in the area, and other advertisers with a good track record of policy compliance and transparency. Advertisers without such a record of good behavior may face limitations on their impressions under this policy until they have a successful track record on our platform. In line with the goal of providing users with the ability to engage with relevant and useful ads, this new policy will reduce the likelihood of users seeing misleading or confusing ads from advertisers without a proven track record. 

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