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The Effects of Consumer Psychology on Digital Marketing

The Effects of Consumer Psychology on Digital Marketing

Brief information about the psychological factors affecting consumer behavior is given below;

  • Motivation: When a consumer realizes a need, he/she acts to meet it.

  • Learning The person uses the consumption information acquired during the learning process during the purchase.

  • Perception: The level at which consumers perceive brands and products is a factor that determines their need for them. In other words, it is a psychological incentive to purchase.
  • Attitudes and beliefs: The user's attitude towards a product is a condition that influences the purchase decision about that product.

The Role of Colors and Design on Consumer Perception

Color also gives the product and brand a personality. The colors of the brand identity ensure the recognition of the brand identity and directly affect the consumer's decision to purchase the product. Colors have a very strong psychological effect on the human brain. With the right color choices, it is possible to influence people's purchasing decisions and increase sales.

The results of the studies show that women react most positively to blue, purple and green colors. The colors that women dislike the most are orange, brown and gray.

The colors that men show positive action are blue, green and black. If your website is targeting more male customers, you should avoid brown, orange and purple colors. 

Brand loyalty has a lot to do with how customers perceive your brand, their actions and values. It is also an important way to help maintain customer loyalty and increase repurchase rates.

The Effects of Emotional Commitment on Brand Loyalty

The connection that a brand establishes with an individual's self, identity or self-perception constitutes the center of the emotional attachment structure. When consumers express themselves by identifying themselves with a brand and establish an emotional bond with that brand, it both strengthens brand loyalty and ensures that these consumers are willing to pay more for this brand by showing less price sensitivity. As a result, there is a contribution to the financial performance of the business. Emotional attachment has a statistically significant effect on brand loyalty at 95% confidence level.It is widely accepted that brand loyalty is one of the ways in which consumers express their satisfaction with the performance of a particular product or service they prefer.

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