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How to Create an Effective Website?

How to Create an Effective Website?

 Today, no company can stay away from the digital world. An effective website will play an important role in the representation and presence of your company in the digital world. A website makes your company accessible 24/7. Your potential customers and existing clients can browse, get information and contact your products or services at any time. Although it is technically very easy to set up a website today, there are some important points to be considered in order to attract visitors to the site and to ensure that visitors stay on the site for a long time.

One of the main features of a successful website is that it is designed correctly. For this, a broad outline needs to be created in advance, starting from the background colors to be used, to the selection of photographs, to the areas where the text with the description feature will be placed, to the quality of the videos to be used. With the spread of mobile usage day by day, the fact that the website to be established has the equipment to be displayed smoothly on mobile devices also stands out as an added value.

Steps to Take When Setting Up a Website

  1. Name and domain name selection
  2. Domain name registration
  3. Hosting registration
  4. Making the site design
  5. Creation of site content
  6. Identification of site tasks
  7. Marketing the site

Things to Consider in Web Site Structure are the following:

  1. Main menu of the site
  2. Submenus
  3. Categories and Tags
  4. Page Hierarchy
  5. Search Functionality
  6. Connections

How to Increase Time on Site?

Site Load Speed Should Be Increased

If the loading speed of your site is poor, it will cause the visitors attracted to your site to leave the site quickly. It is necessary to optimize the visuals and software code files such as js and css that reduce the loading speed of your site. For this, site measurement tools Google PageSpeed , Pingdom and GTMetrix By using site speed measurement tools such as site speed measurement tools, you can identify and regulate the factors that slow down the speed of your site.

Editing Page Content

Your page content should be satisfying and informative. You can keep the visitor who enters the product on the site more with the arrangements you make in the product description. In other words, you should provide detailed information in product descriptions. You can keep your visitors who will not read the description on the page by preparing videos. They may not read the article, but a video explaining the product features and introducing the product will increase the time on the page.


Showing a professional approach to the color selection of the graphics to be used, especially the website background, significantly affects the success of the site. You need to offer alternative options to ensure that the visitor who does not like the content on your page stays on your site. 

Redirection to Related Pages

You can increase navigation on the site by highlighting related topics from the page where you welcome your visitor. It is necessary to redirect pages related to each other. If we go through an example, the customer liked a product and went toWe have informed our customers on our page with a nice explanation, and we have presented our different models in case our customers don't like them.However, we need to direct our customers who like the product and want to buy it to the pages related to the product. 

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