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What is Corporate Social Media Management?

What is Corporate Social Media Management?

Corporate social media management is a communication activity that increases the awareness of your brand, expands its audience and directs sales by using social media channels with a planning and creative strategy.. Determining what your brand's strengths and weaknesses are while managing corporate social media plays a decisive role for the content and communication strategies you will develop.

Steps to be followed for corporate social media management:


Target Audience Identification:

In order to manage the corporate social media account effectively, the target audience must first be determined. The target audience should be determined by taking into account demographic characteristics such as age range, gender, occupation, education status.Böylece hedef kitlenizin istediği gönderileri hesabınızda paylaşabilirsiniz. 


Constantly posting to sell something and using social media only for that purpose will not be seen as interesting by anyone. Therefore, make different posts besides posts about your company and products. Create content about popular topics, things that you think your target audience will be interested in.

Competitor Analysis:

The way your competitors' social media is used and their strategic approach can be an example for you, and you can turn your own cons into pros while examining your competitors' social media. 

Advertising Management:

Social media management is a very effective tool to reach the desired target audience with advertisements. You should also announce your advertisements by having them prepared by a professional team. Competitor ads are a handy way to find creative inspiration for our own ads on Facebook and Instagram. It shows us what competing businesses are focusing on and how we can differentiate our products.

Customer Relationship:

If you manage customer management professionally, you can build healthy brand loyalty.  In doing so, you should put your social media followers into certain categories and learn how individuals in each category communicate with the brand. 

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